Message from The Principal

The mandate of Kajiado West Technical & Vocational college is to play a leading role in the development and expansion of opportunities for higher education and training, research and support for innovative approaches for the development of humanity. In the discharge of this mandate, KWTVC upholds the following core values; integrity, professionalism, teamwork, innovativeness and customer focus.

In the endeavour towards the realization of this mandate, KWTVC has developed the Strategic Plan 2020-2023. This will be the principal tool in the Institution’s strategic governance and a guide in its performance and development for the next four years. The Plan outlines KWTVC’s strategic direction, providing a clear focus with defined priorities and the specific strategies to achieve them. It focuses on our immediate and long-term goals and objectives to steer KWTVC’s destiny into the future.

The Strategic Plan 2020-2023 will play a critical role in guiding Management in its endeavor to position the College as a major player in the Country’s development. This will be done against the backdrop of the implementation of the Kenya Constitution 2010, and the provisions of the TVETA Act, 2012. Of even greater significance, is the active participation of KWTVC and other institutions of higher learning in the realization of Kenya Vision 2030, which envisag.

I wish to thank the Board of governors, Management, Staff and key stakeholders and partners for their role in the development of this Plan. I specially acknowledge the core team whose hard work and tireless effort led to its timely completion. My appeal is that we walk this road together, as we march towards becoming an epicenter of excellence and the institution of choice.