Performance Contracting

Mr. Martin Mwegi

Message from The Management Representative & Performance Contracts coordinator

Performance contracting Secretariat

Kajiado West Technical and Vocational College and Technology Management has led the rest of the TVET fraternity in undertaking the task of implementing the performance targets for the year 2019/2020 performance contracting cycle.

Performance contracting is a vital management tool that enables Kajiado West Technical and Vocational College policy makers define expectations and responsibilities for staff to achieve mutually agreed goals. The objective is to enhance a strong and distinct image of college governance.  This is achieved by ensuring improved processes, adopting a positive work ethic and creating new behavior patterns and adopting a positive work ethic in service delivery.

Performance Contracting is a public sector reform aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the Public Service. Performance contracting tool measures performance against negotiated performance targets. KWTVC witnessed tremendous growth in infrastructure since the inception and adoption of Performance Contracting, and clear evidence is seen in improvement service delivery.

The Chairperson of Performance contracting noted that “the Council appreciates the efforts made by the Performance Contracting team in meeting the Government’s expectations through performance targets.”

The performance contracts were signed, October 9th, 2019 at Embu Kenya School of Government, during a brief ceremony presided over by the performance production Unit vetting committee

The college has developed a strategic plan from which it draws the performance contract. The strategic plan makes both short- and long-term projections of the college development agenda.



To be an excellent department in the coordination of Performance Contracting Activities, in line with the requirements of TVET and Research


To provide quality activities coordination by committees towards achievement of Performance Contracting targets and attain excellent performance.

Staff Involvement

KWTVC Selected trainers for various target holders’ positions/committees with the task of coordinating activities towards the achievement of targets while others serve as committee members. Through that organization we have realized tremendous success, staff discipline, focus in pursuit of the college’s and individual goals.


  1. Finance Stewardship & Discipline Committee
  2. Customer Satisfaction & Service Delivery Innovations Committee
  3. Resolution of Public Complaints Committee
  4. Development of Strategic Plan Committee
  5. Roll out and implementation of CBET Curricula Course Committee
  6. Youth Internship and Attachment Committee
  7. Asset Management Committee
  8. Disposal of idle Assets Committee
  9. Disability Mainstreaming Committee
  10. Safety Measures Committee
  11. National Cohesion and National Values Mainstreaming Committee
  12. Skills/Competency Needs Assessment & Intervention Programs Committee
  13. Prevention of HIV / AIDS infection Committee
  14. Corruption Prevention Committee