Information Communication Technology

The ICT section is mandated with the task of training students in theoretical and practical skills pertaining  Computer Information Technology. The section admits students at three different levels the lowest being Computer Application(packages) minimum grade is literacy  then Craft (Certificate) minimum grade D+(plus) and the highest being Diploma minimum grade C-(minus)or KNEC Craft Module II. The Computer Application(packages) level is done in a period of three months and the examining body is KWTVC the Craft (Certificate) Level is done in two years in a modular program where the first module ends after one year where the students sit for the first exam then the second module is done in the second year after which the student sits for the second exam, the examining bodies are KNEC or TVET-CDACC.


The Diploma Course is done in a three years modular program, with an exam at the end of each module. The examination bodies are KNEC or TVET-CDACC. The ICT section has qualified trainers with the relevant field experience who are always available and ready to offer quality training to the students. The section has a well equipped computer laboratory for practical sessions.


Enrolment into the ICT Course is ongoing and all qualified students are encouraged to enroll and start their career in the Information Communication Technology Field