Industrial Liaison Officer

Ms. Sarah Wanyonyi

Message from The Industrial Liaison Officer

Overview of the department
The industrial liaison office is in charge of coordinating both the trainees and trainers on all matters related to industrial attachment. The office provides linkage to the industries where the trainees and trainers can acquire the necessary practical skills and knowledge that can only be learnt outside the confines of the lecture rooms.

The institution offers several courses which are examined both internally and externally. The internal examinations are managed by the Kajiado West Technical and Vocational College Examination Department while the external examinations are managed by the following examining bodies: Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (CDACC), and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).Industrial attachment is a requirement and all the examining bodies mentioned above have their specific requirements, therefore the trainees must go for industrial attachment.

The office is headed by an industrial liaison officer assisted by the departmental industrial liaison officers representing their academic departments. Before the trainees are sent out for industrial attachment, the department will carry out the following;

  • Brief the trainees on the regulatory requirements  concerning industrial attachment and what is expected of them by both the industry and the college
  • The college issues insurance cover to all trainees that will cover them against personal injury/ accidents that might occur within the industry where they are attached.
  • Give all trainees open letters of introduction to the industry which together with their own hand written application; are sent to the industry of their choice to apply for attachment opportunities.
  • Once trainees have confirmed their placement to the industry, the department will organize for industrial visitation where the trainees are assessed by both our internal assessors and the industry assessors.

General objectives are to enable trainees to:

  • Realize the importance of human relationships and work approach
  • Apply theoretical ideas and school based skills to practice
  •  Exposing the trainees to demand and challenges of the workplace
  •  Gain  work ethics
  • Acquire self-reliance skill
  • Develop work based skills
  • Establish industrial networks and contacts

Industrial attachment scheme will help training institutions to:

  • Develop links with industry or technical development  particularly in areas of product innovation, design, and construction
  • Identify  skill gaps and improve training quality
  • Acquire materials for teaching and case studies
  • Have  balanced assessment of trainees

Industrial attachment will help employers to:

  • Understand the  skill that will be available in future
  • Improve the  delivery of training by training institutions for industrial relevance
  • Direct the training of future generation of employees