Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy training is one of those fully established programs within the institution.

 Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy training aims at;

  1. Equipping the trainees with the necessary skills both in theory and practical sessions to help them meet the needs of their clients in the cosmetology industry.
  2. Preparing the trainees for job placement in various sectors of the cosmetology industry. This includes developing trainees’ skill competency and attitude which leads to improved performance in the job market and establishment of income generating activities and self-reliance.

This course is designed with two electives. The trainee may choose to train in hairdressing, beauty therapy or both electives. However, for the purpose of trade testing, each elective shall be considered as an entity and shall be tested separately. Trainees are encouraged to continuously carry research on emerging issues technologies and trends and integrate them in the training.

Entry requirement.

The entry requirement to the program is;

  1. Minimum age of 16 years.
  2. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) certificate, or in special career.
  3. Persons with special needs as prescribed in the persons with disability Act 2003 and whose literacy level has been assessed by the trainer as having the capacity to acquire competence in the scheme.

 The scheme puts emphasis on competence acquisition and not how long one takes to complete the training. Training can be full time, part time, sandwich or on block release.