Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering section is mandated with the task of training students in theoretical and practical skills pertaining Electrical Engineering. The section admits students at three different levels, the lowest being Artisan, then Craft (Certificate) and the highest being Diploma. The Artisan level is done in one year in a regular program and the examining bodies are KNEC, NITA or TVET-CDACC, the Craft (Certificate) Level is done in two years in a modular program where the first module ends after one year where the students sit for the first exam then the second module is done in the second year after which the student sits for the second exam, the examining bodies are KNEC or TVET-CDACC.

The Diploma Course is done in a three years modular program, with an exam at the end of each module. The examining bodies are KNEC or TVET-CDACC. The Electrical section has qualified trainers with the relevant field experience who are always available and ready to offer quality training to the students. The section has practical materials and equipments to enable the trainees to carry out practical sessions. The Electrical section has developed a culture of exposing their students to the real job environment by engaging the trainees in carrying out Electrical repair works at the college and also encouraging trainees to attach themselves to qualified Electricians during holidays.

A student can enroll in the lowest level of Artisan depending on the KCSE qualifications and proceed upto the highest level of Diploma at our college.


During the training an Electrical Engineering student will be required to have the following basic items

  1. Blue dust coat
  2. Safety boot
  3. Tape measure (100 meters)
  4. Testa
  5. Pliers
  6. Ball pein hammer
  7. Spirit level
  8. Digital multimeter
  9. Star and Flat Screwdriver
  10. Bend spring
  11. Tee square
  12. Two set Square 13. Drawing set
  13. Pencil (HB, H,2H)
  14. Drawing papers
  15.  Scientific Calculator
  16. Advanced SMH mathematical table.

Enrolment into the Electrical Engineering Course is ongoing and all qualified students are encouraged to enroll and start their career in the Electrical Engineering Field

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