Deputy Principal Academics

Jennifer Gachago

Message from The Deputy Principal Academics

Kajiado West Technical Institute is a newly established college within the expansive Kajiado County.

Being new it poses a lot of challenges especially in management and unavailability of crucial resources. That notwithstanding, we have been able to reach a reasonable student population that has been enabled by availability of a variety of courses.

The college prides in a steady trainer’s population of which we owe the public service commission who have tirelessly ensured we get trainers when we need them. I really appreciate the work that these trainers do to ensure school programmes run.

We also have a number of support staff who offer crucial services to the school, without them, the school cannot stand.

We have students’ leaders’ body that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the students’ issues are well attended to. They serve as a link between the administration and the students.

Apart from academic programmes, the college boasts of many non_ academic programmes that are coordinated by the trainers.

It is my belief that God will take the college to greater heights.